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300W 808nm Diode laser hair removal machine  -- 2500 USD


P-808 300W model used for hair removal treatment,



Spot size : 12*12mm 

Output Power: 300W

Wavelength: 808nm

Frequency: 1-10 Hz

Energy density: 10-100J/cm2

Pulse width: 10-120ms

Machine Features:

Sano Laser diode system uses a special laser with 808nm that can penetrate to the hair follicle. Using selective light absorption theory, the laser can be preferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair and then heating the hair shaft and hair follicle, moreover to destroy the hair follicle and oxygen organization around the hair follicle. When laser outputs, a system with special cooling technology, cool the skin with a -16 degree cooling head, protects the skin from being hurt, and reaches a very safe and comfortable treatment!

1. Treat all kind of hair color from black hair to white hair;

2. Treat all skin types from white to dark skin;

3. No pain and shorter treatment sessions ;
4. Effective and safe treatment for permanent hair removal;

5. High Energy Output: Make sure good effective for any coloring matter ---------------120J
6. Long Pulse Width: Make sure heating hair follicle, lasting hair removal------------1200ms

7. Big Spot Size: Fast and Effective Results -----------------------------------------------12*23mm
8. Strong Cooling: Instance cooling skin, safe and comfortable ----------------------------- -16℃
9. Fast Speed: slide treatment to make it safety and convenience-------------------------10HZ


Real photo
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■ Long Lifespan & Safety:
We utilize a superior laser generator imported from the USA to ensure remarkable performance, even under high-intensity use in a variety of harsh working conditions. In addition,CE, ISO13485 approved, quality is as solid as rock. 

■ Virtually Painless Treatment:
Sapphire temperature cools down -16°C, comfortable to the whole treatment.

■ Efficiency: Big spot size 12*12mm with max 10Hz speed, saving the time of treatment.

■ Facilities: Intelligent software with simple menu navigation, very easy to operate.

diode laser machine utilizes the 808nm wavelengths for hair removal, each target at a different structure within the hair follicle, structures within the hair follicles; the 3 main anatomical targets include the bulge, bulb, and papilla.
A breakthrough hair removal platform that combines ultimate functionality with unparalleled comfort. Thanks to its large spot size and advanced cooling system, treatments are now much faster and pain-free – offering a significantly improved solution for patients and practitioners. Sano Diode Laser leverages the benefits of three combined wavelengths, with an improved patient experience and a business-oriented approach, creating a unique and result-driven new solution in the world of professional hair removal.

If you like to get the Product price list, please send an email or contact us by WhatsApp, thank you! 

WhatsApp: +86 15321516360

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Portable and another model:
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