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808nm diode laser hair removal


Q-switch Nd yag laser tattoo removal

Micro-needle RF system

Slimming machine

LLLT laser hair regrowth machine

Pico-second Nd yag laser system


Hair removal

Skin rejuvenation

Tattoo removal by laser

Acne scar removal

Skin whitening

Face lifting

Wrinkle removal

Hair loss treatment

May 31, 2019

1200W diode laser hair removal machine is a new technology for hair removal. 

Till now, it's the best results and painless machine for permanent hair removal. 

It has 4 main advantages: 

1: 1200W high power. Before we have 500W, 600W and 800W 

2:  short pulse width, 10-100...

Pico second laser is the latest new generation technology for aesthetic use. Through trillions of a second and powerful laser energy to grind the pigment in the skin tissue to reach the result of completely tattoo removal and pigment in all type of skin color.


February 2, 2018

Hello, everybody 

We will come to Istanbul, Turkey, to attend Beauty Eurasia Exhibition, on April 12-14th, 2018. 

Welcome to visit our booth. It will be our pleasure to meet you there.

best regards


December 11, 2017

Chapter2 system introduction


Hydradermabrasion skin deep cleansing instrument, mainly for closed acne, mites cleaning equipment, including the size of the tip, you can repeatedly use. Scrub head peeled equipment, can be peeled and regener...

October 27, 2017

Done laser exposure to photon hair removal may have such an experience, after the skin will have some red dot after a few days will not go down, in fact, this is not handled properly, hair removal after hair follicle damage The daily wound in the same need to clean and...

October 27, 2017

La exposición láser hecha a la depilación de fotones puede tener tal experiencia, después de que la piel tendrá un punto rojo después de unos días no disminuirá, de hecho, esto no se maneja adecuadamente, la depilación después del daño del folículo piloso La herida dia...

October 25, 2017
The beauty of the sister who listen to me, lift your arm, and then pinch your position of the butterfly sleeves, what is the feeling? Is not very comfortable! Congratulations, you won the bid Oh, pinch up comfortable, because your arm on the meat (fa...

October 25, 2017

To the summer to dew meat when the legs, and white supple sister standing together, more will feel what is desperate.

And what whitening essence of hard to face or do not see the effect of Yeah, the body skin care is also very important. The body's skin is not good, w...

October 11, 2017

How to judge a laser machine good or not? You can check from these points:

1. Q switch: the Chinese made Q switch cost around 1000usd, but American made Q switch cost about 3200usd. SQ-3 Q-switch nd yag laser machine used American made Q switch. (some cheap machines ha...

September 20, 2017

1. Set your expectations.
Before you start the process, it's important to realize that no tattoo removal is guaranteed. Set expectations by speaking with a laser treatment expert—or three. Some tattoos only partially fade after several treatments and may leave a ghost...

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