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Hair removal history

Hair removal history

From the period of human civilization to modern women's common goal pursued by them is----beauty. The aesthetic differences in different periods, but smooth skin is never changed. The main problem with smooth skin is too long hair, Let's look at the existing method of hair removal!

Ancient Egypt

Most modern beauty treatments can find traces of history in ancient Egypt, but at that time, the most important thing for women is to take off the hair, They like to put all the hair off, even the hair is no exception. Their hair removal devices are made of shells with tweezers, tiny holes stone, beeswax, and sugar wax.

Rome Empire Period

The smooth, hairless body was seen as a symbol of the upper class during the Rome Empire. Wealthy men and women use razors, tweezers or depilatory creams which are made of stone to remove excess body hair. In fact, even pubic hair is considered indecent, This can be seen from the depiction of Greek women in the paintings and sculptures of that period.

Middle Ages

If Cleopatra was the leader of her time, the most admired women of the middle ages were their queen Elizabeth I. Everyone follows her in her way to remove facial hair instead of physical, The most popular way of hair removal is scraping eyebrows and forehead hair, to make forehead large and broad. The tools they use are walnut oil, a bandage dipped in vinegar or ammonia, and the use of ammonia comes from their pet cat.

Eighteenth Century

In late eighteenth Century, a French barber named Jean Jacques Perret invent the first straight razor of male, this way make hair more gentle and civilized. But at those time, most European and American women are not keen to shave, only a handful of women with this razor to hair removal.

Nineteenth Century

In 1844, Dr. Gouraud invented the first depilatory cream. Then in 1880, King Camp Gillette invented the first modern sense of the men's razor, triggered a revolution in the history of hair removal. And thirty years later, there is a razor for women.

Early twentieth Century

In 1915, Mr. Gillette invented the first ladies special shaving knife. In the same period, the market also appeared depilatory creams ads for the first time. In 1907, a new X-Bazin depilatory powder very popular in advertising, publicity writes can remove the face, neck and arms on the embarrassing hair. Ten years later, It was the first time that there was a similar pose in the magazine that a popular magazine published a woman holding up her arm, revealing the image of a smooth underarm skin.


In 1940, Remington invented the first electric lady's razor, Since the men's shaving knife has been a great success. During this period, because of the war, the shortage of nylon cloth, Most women all need to run around with bare legs, So the market demand spawned a lot of new hair removal products and technology.


During this period, hair removal is widely accepted by the public, because most of the depilatory creams will stimulate the skin, so women are more inclined to use a razor shave their hair of legs and armpits, shaping eyebrows with tweezers.


The method of Waxing Hair Removal appeared during this period and soon became a powerful tool to remove the hair from the arms and legs. Laser hair removal also appeared in the market during this period, but soon it was abandoned because of the damage to the skin.


Although the electrolyte has been invented for a century, it is possible to make it more safer and reliable when applied to the field of hair removal. This period began to popular bikini parts hair removal, because the swimsuit began to pop up in this era.

From 1980s to now

In modern times, hair removal has become the most girl’s daily beauty homework, either with tweezers, razor, wax or depilatory creams. Beeswax hair removal, brow bar and hair removal center is rampant which their developing trend. New technology has also been applied to the field of hair removal, making it become a very popular type of beauty services.

So, the girls in the hair removal problem has been persistent to today, So look at today's girls are how to hair removal.

Some sisters are using shaving knife and depilatory creams now, but it is annoying that the stubborn hair will grow out after a week, In today's science, of course, there are high-tech hair removal, to solve this problem is that it is a semiconductor laser painless hair removal.

P-808 New generation permanent hair removal system

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