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<Hair removal season> ----- how to prevent hair follicle after hair removal

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Done laser exposure to photon hair removal may have such an experience, after the skin will have some red dot after a few days will not go down, in fact, this is not handled properly, hair removal after hair follicle damage The daily wound in the same need to clean and dry environment, or will be folliculitis, that is, these small red spots, severe itching and pain; folliculitis is the entire hair follicle infection infection inflammation. Sometimes the disappearance of inflammation of the red dot is also late to go, this is the post-inflammatory pigmentation, the body's normal response, inflammation after the pigmentation of the skin after acute and chronic inflammation can occur pigmentation. Dark skin pigments heavier, longer duration, because the inflammation of the skin more prone to melanin, there is no inflammation will be color, which is also related to personal physique. But even if the color does not have to worry too much, more time will slowly fade, in addition to affect the appearance, no other side effects. Here to see how to prevent the emergence of folliculitis <1> Disinfecting the treatment area before depilation, with medical alcohol <2> After treatment should be coated with anti-inflammatory ointment <3> One day after treatment to avoid water

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