Co2 Fractional laser system with vaginal heads


Ultra pulse fractional Co2 laser, proved top quality CO2 laser resurfacing system has a dual system for CO2 surgical and fractional laser system which has CW, PW, Ultra and fractional laser modes. It has various tips for adjustable scanning controls allow for faster treatments. Its multiple treatment modes gives treatment convenience for resurfacing and tailor procedures.

 - General surgery 
 - Dermatology
 - Plastic surgery 
 - Gynecology 
 - Vaginal tightening and rejuvenation

Applications & Functions

Cosmetic Application:

Wrinkles; Sun spots; Scars, Stretch marks, Telangiectasia; Large pores; Rough skin texture; Skin resurfacing.

Medical Applications:

Actinic keratosis; Seborrheic keratosis; Sebaceous hyperplasia; Rhinophyma; Epidermal Melasma. 

Vaginal treatment heads
Machine Features:

1. High Peak Power 
2. Fine Beam Quality  
3. Powerful and Rapid Scanner 
4. Less Pain 
5. Additional CW, Ultra Wave, Pulse Wave Mode 
6. Various Scan Shapes 
7. Smoke Exhausting System: Built-in air blow 

OEM model:

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