I-Cool Skin cooling system - professional cooler


I-Cool Skin air cooling machine  used for minimize pain and 

thermal injuiry during laser and dermatological treatments and for 

temporary topicial anesthetic relief for injections.

I-Cool is designed for reducing pains, redness, swelling and 

thermal damages caused by Nd:yag laser treatment, IPL t

reatment and Co2 laser treatment. 


Together with ND:yag laser, Co2 laser, and 808nm diode laser 

hair removal.


The cooling temperature is: -4 ~ -30℃ (adjustable)
Air speed: 1-6 levels

Power: 1000W 

Treatment Hose: 2 meters

Defrosting time: 15s

I-cool + Diode laser
Detailed images

Easy Control system: -30 °

Germany imported compressor -- Secop

Test videos: -30 °
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