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Micro-needle RF & Fractional RF system portable type


Pinxel-2s Fractional RF Microneedle is designed specially for delivery RF energy directly to epidermis or dermis layer in order to stimulate and re-model collagen effectively by either RF micro needling mode(invasive) or RF matrix mode(non-invasive).



Three handpieces:

-Fractional RF handle (Non-invasive),

- Micro-needle RF handle (invasive),

- Negative polar.


Pinxel Portable Microneedle Fractional RF Machine
Combine Microneedle RF & Fractional RF 2 system in one machine
Microneedle & Fractional RF
Korea Imported Stepping Motor
Adjustable Needle Length
Regardless of skin types
Available to treat both epidermis and dermis

Portable Micro-needle RF & Fractional RF system



Fractional RF delivers thermal energy to the treatment area more safely and effectively,allowing treatment regardless of skin type. The laser energy is mostly absorbed by melanin, especially in darker skin which contains a higher melanin content.

For Micro Needle RF(invasive) treatments,Effective,direct thermal stimulation to remodel collagen with less epidermis damage.Micro Needle RF penetrates target area from epidermis to dermis without energy loss;stimulates and efficiently remodels disordered collagen.

1.Dedicate control of treatment depth ---0.5mm, 1mm and 1.5mm 
2.Control of pulse time by 0.1second 
3.Control of Pulse power by 1W 
4.Use 36 micro needles as electrodes to reduce the pain during the treatment 
5.Direct delivery of RF energy on the target Area 
6.Continuous heating with non-insulated micro electrodes



1. Suitable for All Body Treatment
2. Main Function    Acne scar, Skin Tightening and Whitening,
3. Wrinkle Removal, Stretch Marks Removal
4. Non-surgical Face Lifting
5. Face Treatment    Wrinkle Reduction
6. Skin Tightening
7. Skin Rejuvenation (Whitening)
8. Body Treatment Scars 
9. Stretch Marks removal

Micro-needle RF & Fractional RF Machine Features:

1. Pinxel-2s has three handles, Fractional RF handle (Non-invasive), Micro-needle RF handle (invasive),, and a negative polar.

2. This machine is used for acne, scar, wrinkle, pigmentation removal, Skin Resurfacing, Large Pore Reduction and skin rejuvenation, face lifting, skin tightening.

3. The depth of the needle is adjustable on screen, 0.5mm-3mm. 0.5-1.0 used for eye around, 1.0-2.0 used for face treatment. 2.0-3.0mm used for body treatment.

4. There are 25 pins, 49 pins needle tips, insulated tips, and non-insulated tips.


1: It uses Korea imported step motor. The needles are stronger, can come into the skin more easily. In China, only Sanhe use this kind of motor.

2: The depth of the needles is adjusted in the interface, it's more precise. And easy to control the depth in software.

3: This machine has Bipolar mode and Mono-polar mode, Most of China RF machine only has a bi-polar mode. In Mono-polar mode, the RF energy is stronger. If using Mono-polar mode, the patient needs to hold the negative polar handpiece

4: The depth of the needle is 0.5mm - 3.0mm depth adjustable

5: It has both non-invasive handpiece and Invasive handpiece. Non-invasive handpiece used for epidermis treatment, Invasive handpiece needles used for dermis treatment.

6: It has insulated and non-insulated needle tips, two needle types for the doctor to choose.

Handpeice details: Microneedling RF handle, Fractional RF handle, Negative polar handle
Portable Micro-needle RF & Fractional RF system
Portable Micro-needle RF & Fractional RF system
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Before and after photos

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Vertical micro-needle RF model:
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