Hair loss treat Laser & LED hair regrowth machine LLLT

SH650-1 Laser & LED hair regrowth machine LLLT


SH650-1 Laser hair regrowth machine, with LLLT technology, is professional used for hair loss treatment.

The machine uses 808 nm IR laser , 650nm laser ,and 630nm red light, 580nm Yellow Light, 460nm Blue Light to do these treatment:
Accelerate blood circulation to improve regeneration ability of  collagen fibers and promote metabolism;
Modulate the hair follicles;
Regulate oil secretions;
Promote scalp health;
improve hair quality;
Promote nutrient absorption.

Parts details

Laser power output: 650nm diode laser 320mw, 808nm IR laser 2200mw

LED    power output: 630nm Red cool light 1000mw
                                      460nm Blue Cool light 1000mw
                                      580nm Yellow Cool light 2000mw

Treatment Time:  0-60min

Pulsing time range: 1-10s

Pulsing delay range: 0-10s

Device Dimension: 1630*550*500 mm

Treatment sessions:

Every week 1 treatment and 2-3 month is a session, 8-12 treatment one course. After one month, the hair will begin to growth, after 6 month, the hair will growth:


- 60%-85% for different people,

· 40 to 60% increase in hair density

· 85% success rate in halting hair loss

Before and after photos

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