SHR IPL Hair removal and skin rejuvenation device


SHR is a new technology of permanent hair removal which is having a sweeping success.

SHR works by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicles and prevents re-growth, while avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue.

A high repetition rate of single pulses are delivered deep into the dermis, achieving high average power and therapeutically effective heat build-up, without the risk of injury and no pain virtually.


      HR handle: used for hair removal, remove​ the​ unwanted​ hair​ on face,​ arms,​ legs,​ lips,​ and other​ body​ parts.

      SR handle: used​ for​ skin​ rejuvenation,​ includes skin​ whitening​ and​ tightening,​ acne​ removal,​ vein​ removal,​ pigment​ removal,​ etc.

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Imported Xenon lamp
Pure Sapphire Crystal
Machine Features:

1. SHR-950 uses wavelength 650nm-950nm, not 650nm-1200nm,filter out the violet and infrared light;

2. Then short wavelength can range improves the absorption of focus energy, reduce the generation of excess heat from 950nm-1200nm, reduce the side effect, the result is much better than traditional IPL;
3.  Frequency: HR 1-8Hz adjustable, treatment in motion as laser does;

4.  Modulization design, easy to install,  remove and maintenance;
5.  Inner strong metal frame, make every parts much more stable;
6.  3000W power, provide enough power to make sure high frequency1-8Hz and stable energy 0-50J/cm2;
7. Imported Xenon lamp and Pure sapphire crystal, treatment results and cooling results are more stable and strong.

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