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How to do with Oily Skin? How to regulate Oily skin ?

How to do with Oily Skin?

The most big question for Oily skin seems as our faces are always shining with fat.

Even in winter, we dress well & clean up; while stay long time at warmly places, it will soon comes out oil whole face.

Imagine, when a romantic date just right time, but see an oily face, how damage your feelings?

The main Cause of Oily skin

1. Inborn nature

The Oily skin also inheritance, If your parents are Oily skin, then maybe your skin will also much oiliness.

2. The Drain Disorder

Most of Oily skin people wonder it’s not well done skin care, but actually we should find the essence reasons from inner body.

The oily skin origin from The Drain Disorder--- Imbalance between water & oil.

3. Night working or Excess Pressure

Now days, our high speed life time with various pressure, specially often over time working will lead to oily skin.

If you continue night working several days will obvious find skin became much greasy.

4. The effect of temperature

The seasonal change temperature will cause our skin grease excretion.

When increase temperature, and skin grease excretion will increase, so will cause the skin oil heavily.

Therefore, the Summer high temperature & Winter time from cold to warmly places all will cause Oily skin.

How to regulate Oily skin

1. Health life style

The Mainly reason of Oily skin is Drain Disorder.

Therefore, Keep a health & balance life style will make great help to regulate oily skin.

Such as, health & light diet, more vegetable & fruit, less oily & spicy food….. Good schedule for rest, early get up & sleeping time…..

2. Keep clean & Pure

We suggest use good clean soap; In moist environment use soap & dry environment use cream.

3. De-oiling

The Oily skin not only no beautiful but result clogged pores & Pimples & acne……

SO, we better quickly remove the skin grease, and properly use oil-absorbing papers, oil-absorbing loose power or some skin care products that promote oil slide.

4. Make up remover

When remove make up should take care of sensitive parts, such as eyes around. Better use most close skin cleaning oil.

5. Use Warm water wash the face

No matter any seasons better use warm water wash the face. Not hot water, it will reduce our skin needed moisture.

If the skin loss moisture, will no meaning tell skin whitening.

Nursing methods: choose rich bubble facial cleanser, with Warm water wash the face 2~3 times every day.

6. Moisturizing water /cream

The Oily skin another mainly cause is Imbalance between water & oil.

As the astringent should choose gentle tonic, which will supplement our skin required water, and adjust balance of water & oil.

Then, The Black Doll ND YAG Treatment could deep clean skin dirt.

The laser burst carbon, and the carbon particle will absorb the deep skin dirt, which will effectively regulate skin oil questions.

Well, continue treatment will see amazing result!

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