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Hair removal season--how to prevent Folliculitis after hair removal

Some people who do the laser or IPL hair removal treatment may have this experience, the skin will have the red spot and last for two or three days not disappear after treatment. In fact, it is because of not good deal with the treatment area. The hair follicle has destroyed after hair removal just like the daily pain need the clean and dry experience.Not so, people will get the Folliculitis. Exactly the red spot is that. The serious skin will itch and pain. The Folliculate is a inflammation that the all follicle bacteria get infected.

Sometimes the inflammation has disappear but the red spot still exist. The pigmentation is a normal reaction after the inflammation disappear. The skin generally will have the pigmentation after acute and chronic inflammation. Black color skin people have the more pigmentation and last for long. Because the inflammation area is more easy to produce the black pigmentation. Not because have the inflammation then have the pigmentation. It is also make up by the individual corporeity. But if have the pigmentation you will not care more, it can become more and more small then disappear with the time. It don’t have any side effect beside influence the beauty.

Let we see how can prevent the Folliculitis

<1>use the alcoholic to disinfect the treat area before the hair removal treatment, the medical alcoholic is ok

<2>applied the inflammation ointment after treatment

<3>avoid the water in the after treatment first day

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