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Laser cosmetic postoperative Note ---Remove red laser

1 .concept

Treatment mechanism: pulse dye laser emitted 585nm laser can penetrate the epidermis into the abnormal expansion of the dermal layer of the vascular network, blood vessels within the lesion of hemoglobin absorbs the laser energy heat coagulation, the coagulation of hemoglobin abnormal blood vessels Closed, the results of lesions within the port wine stains disappear, and reach the effect of cured .

Because this laser is almost no damage to the skin, so after treatment will not leave scars, it can completely restore , the skin color. But the lesion of the blood vessels under the skin was three-dimensional distribution, each laser treatment can only get rid of part of the blood vessels, the other treatment of a small number of blood vessels reconnect phenomenon occurs, so treatment often need to be repeated several times, so that erythema gradually subsided. It is noteworthy that, with age increasing, port wine stains will gradually deepen and lesions thickening,make the treatment difficult. Therefore, the doctor suggested that port wine stains should be treated as soon as possible.

2, the indications of red laser

Hemangioma, port wine stains, keratinizing hemangioma, telangiectasia, rosacea, spider nevus, suppurative granuloma, hypertrophic scars, keloids, etc.

3, laser treatment

Generally needs 4 to 8 times, each treatment interval of time needs more than two months.

4, after treatment Note

(1) after the local burning sensation, the area should be ice for 15 minutes.

(2) localized after the treatment of varying degrees of skin edema, and even have scab and small blisters occur, should be avoid the water, coated with thin layers of anti-inflammatory ointment such as Bai Duobang 2 to 3 days. These reactions will be regression on 7 to 10 days.

(3) 2 months after treatment should avoid the sun. Individual patients may develop pigmentation, usually within a few months on their own, without special treatment.

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