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The Precautions after laser beauty surgery-laser hair removal


Freezing hair removal and IPL hair removal is the most advanced method of a permanent hair removal,based on the principle of selective thermodynamics,accurate release of laser or intense pulsed light,penetrate the skin surface is ultimately absorbed by the hair follicle, so that hair follicles produce heat and light effects,thereby undermining the hair follicle hair papilla.So both a large area of cool and painless off the excess hair,but also effectively protect the surrounding skin,while shrink pores,don’t damage the skin and sweat glands.

  1. Hair removal cycle

Hair growth cycle has three stages: the growth period, transition period, dormant period, only in the growth period of the hair can be effectively removed by the laser. Treatment times are related to treatment area hair density, color, and the proportion of non-growing follicle, generally one or two times can see the obvious results.

Generally the head and face part 4-6 weeks for once, totally 4-8 times;body, arms and legs 5-8 weeks for once, totally 3-6 times. Treatment times are related to the hair follicle grow th ability.

  1. Caring after hair removal:

  1. the hair removal area maybe a little red and swollen, skin sensitive, hot and itch feeling.use the ice to ease the pain

  2. Please abuse the sun light, and use the doctor director medical such as sunscreen cream to lose the sunniness.

  3. Pay attention to the hair removal area, not use the hot water and wash in full power

  4. Please abuse the water after hair removal in 24 hours.

It can use the inflammatory ointment if the skin has the epifolliculitis.

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