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How to choose and judge a Q-switch Nd:yag laser system

How to judge a laser machine good or not? You can check from these points:

1. Q switch: the Chinese made Q switch cost around 1000usd, but American made Q switch cost about 3200usd. SQ-3 Q-switch nd yag laser machine used American made Q switch. (some cheap machines haven't Q switch, but used passive Q-switched, so they cannot shot single pulse energy, but multi pulse energy, these machines shots laser through handpiece, not arm) The advantages of single pulse energy: a. high-purity; b. not to hurt the skin; c. Light is uniform

2. Cavity: Chinese made cost 160usd, but American made cost 1500usd. This machine used American made Cavity.

3. Laser rod: The price has big difference too, Chinese made is about 600usd, but American made cost 1500usd. We used American made laser rods, Φ6 and Φ7

4. Lamp: diameter, length, air pressure decided the quality and lifespan of a lamp, If there is a little deviation, life will differ tens of thousands of times. These four parts are core technologies for a good Q switch nd yag laser machine. These four parts adopts the best quality spare parts, the machine use for 5 years or even 8 years later still like a new machine. Install these spare parts required dust-free plant, if haven't, cannot install a high quality Q switch laser.

5. Arm: Korean made, the cost is about 3000usd, Chinese made is 700usd, the advantages of Korean made arms are: a. Light attenuation rate is only 13%, Chinese made arm has more than 20% For example, the machine transmit 1200mj energy, Korean arm can transmit 1060mj energy, but Chinese arm just can transmit 960mj energy.

b. Delicate appearance, looks beautiful and professional, operating convenience c. Energy even in 360 degree.

6. Radiator: copper fin radiator (copper radiator is the best radiator, stainless steel materials, the inside is nickel plating, and don't pollute the water), we used the one which produced by the world's second-largest manufacturer.

7. Water filter: this laser is different with others, it has water filter too, and the water's quality is better.

How to judge a Q switch is real good? --- Test the energy.

1. If you have energy meter, it is the best. you have to remove the probe to test the energy. From 100mj to 1000mj, and frequency 1Hz.

2. But if you haven't energy meter, you can test with this way.

a. use black paper, frequency 1Hz, energy 500-600mj, 1064nm wavelengths and spot size 5-7mm, then shoot dots to see if the dots circle and even.

b. Use black paper, frequency 10Hz, energy 500-600mj, 1064nm wavelengths and spot size 5-7mm, shoot a string of dots to see if the dots circle and even.

If you have any question, please feel free to tell me. I am looking forward to your earlier reply.

Best regards,

Alex Song

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