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Chicken skin, dull, burst acne, what's wrong with my skin ?

To the summer to dew meat when the legs, and white supple sister standing together, more will feel what is desperate. And what whitening essence of hard to face or do not see the effect of Yeah, the body skin care is also very important. The body's skin is not good, wear Han clothes are not good-looking. Some crush is very rough, will be lazy do not apply sunscreen do not umbrella, walking in a circle around the outside, twice a time is not obvious, a long time to find the skin yellow, black and black, dry crumpled. Sunscreen this thing we have stressed that countless times friends, must not be ignored! Chicken skin in the arm, the most common legs, and even long in the face. Mainly because of horny metabolism is not good, long hair can not hold back in the skin, like the same as the goose bumps feel rough, medicine, said hair keratinization. Many frostend staress faces may not have a trace of wrinkles, but the neck lines are sold for ages. Ignore the neck care, will hang out like a sign to tell the world how many years old you ah Oily skin sister is a headache thing is burst acne, there are more headaches is stubborn blackheads, there are some small particles, that is what stuff, hand squeeze will appear white Dongdong, so disgusting, in fact, That is called closed acne friends, is caused by mouth clogging, Skin problems long things, should think of the first time to see a doctor, rather than their own skin care products to do the experiment ~ How to do physical care Daily sunscreen Just now we have already said that sunscreen is very important. Regardless of spring and summer autumn and winter, regardless of rain and rainy days, do not be lazy. Sunscreen is the most important sunscreen old! Sunscreen is a key step to prevent skin aging, go out with a small umbrella umbrella it. Basic cleaning Clean body is not easy to cause a variety of problems, in particular, we all ignore the body remover. The body should be remover? Especially the body coated with cosmetics and the like, and facial makeup must be the same Oh Deep cleaning Due to the environment, lifestyle and other reasons, the skin metabolism slows down, will lead to the stratum corneum can not be normal off, accumulation in the skin surface. Timely exfoliation to the skin is also necessary. Moisturizing soothing Many sister paper thought that the body milk is dry when the winter is needed, in fact, not otherwise. Summer also need the body milk, because the sun after the skin is dry and dry, it is also necessary to moisturize. Always ignore this step, do not always blame the sun no use.

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