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Your arm shape is really good? The beauty of the sister who listen to me, lift your arm, and then pinch your position of the butterfly sleeves, what is the feeling? Is not very comfortable! Congratulations, you won the bid Oh, pinch up comfortable, because your arm on the meat (fat) Oh Before hearing a saying, said the girls on the arm of the meat are generally full of full-bodied ... ... the color of the girl with a capsule to increase the weight of 20 pounds is true. To say what kind of arm look good, Liu Shi's poem is a very good look of the type, not only fine, but also with the muscles, do not believe in photos, not to attend the activities of the photo, but passers-by yo, no repair yo ~ arm Slim also fills, other places where the meat to Liu poetry here there are slightly muscle. Pancreas in your young age may also feel good, when you age, the capsule also followed the loose, there will be loose feeling, although feel good, but the visual is really embarrassing. In addition to aging, there will be someone born psoriasis meat, first for your silence for a few seconds. But also good news, because such a situation, usually by exercise can be resolved, but need to spend a lot of time Of course, you can rely on medical means to solve the problem of meat. Focused ultrasound shaping By focusing on ultrasound technology, the role of energy at a specific depth, destruction of fat, and then to achieve the purpose of shaping, no surgery, no pain, convenient and quick.

Traditional liposuction surgery The use of catheter in the subcutaneous tissue back and forth strong scraping, out of adipose tissue, the arm surplus accumulation of subcutaneous fat fast, one-time complete solution, and then achieve the purpose of sculpture arm. Suitable for large amounts of fat, such as the abdomen and buttocks, thighs, butterfly sleeves.

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