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1200W diode laser hair removal machine

1200W diode laser hair removal machine is a new technology for hair removal.

Till now, it's the best results and painless machine for permanent hair removal.

It has 4 main advantages:

1: 1200W high power. Before we have 500W, 600W and 800W

2: short pulse width, 10-100 ms. Short pulse width can make the treatment painless. It means in shorter time, give out same energy.

3: 100 million shots life span. 100 million shots can be used for very long time, maybe 5-8 years you cannot use them up

4: 2 years warranty for handpiece and machine. Most Suppliers only provide 1 year warranty for handpiece. We provide 2 years warranty to the handpiece.

If you need more informaiton, please contact:

Alex Song

whatsapp: +8615321516360


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